U.S. Senator Brian Schatz


Why do you endorse Senator Brian Schatz?

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He’s doing a great job, I appreciate his humble sincerity. – Lisa Judd

Because he supports working families of Hawaii. -Margaret Brash

Senator Schatz is an influential and respected Member of the Senate: He represents Hawaii, as we deserve to be represented. – Theodore Trimmer

Supports my causes and beliefs such as a enhancing, protecting and sustaining our environment. –Joe Ferraro

I like his position on important issues such as promoting clean energy and strengthening the economy as well as protecting SS and Medicare. – Deborah Taira

I believe that Sen. Brian Schatz and his staff are passionate and committed to creating a brighter future for Hawaii. –Caroline Kunitake

He’s doing a GREAT job representing & fighting for Hawaii in Washington DC! -Dunkin Walker

He has become a problem solver, a policy maker over just a politician, each powerfully important, but good policy is the long term solution. I find him to be a hard worker, open to hear other views, question his own. And finally, he seems to be high on the possibilities, not high on himself, amazing. -Robin Danner

Intelligent, balanced, hard-working, effective, honest, trustworthy, courageous, passionate, caring, family-oriented, good-natured! –Nadine Ferraro

He is focused and serves the people of Hawaii with dignity. –Robert Nerger

Brian has stood behind the Native Hawaiian business community and provided needed support at the Federal level. –Ron Jarrett

He is honest and cares about people. –John Bickel

Senator Schatz is akamai, pono, has aloha spirit and a positive vision for Hawaii Nei. –Kathleen Dahill

Brian represents the values that make Hawaii one of the most progressive states in the Union. –Gerard Finin

Sen. Brian Schatz is a champion of immigration, jobs, education, diversity and social justice. –Charlene Cuaresma

Effective and honest, gets things done, cares for his constituency. –Joanna Bressler

Brian has done an excellent job of standing up for the welfare of Hawaii’s citizens and environment. –Mark Nokes

Brian’s intelligence, honesty, energy, and progressive positions make him a perfect match for Hawai‘i. We need people of Brian’s quality in government! -Daniel Lindsay

Brian’s grassroots experience on environmental issues coupled with extensive familiarity with both the non-profit sector and local, national and international concerns provides hope and perspective needed now. -John Reppun

Confident he’ll render the right decisions to serve the best overall interests of the people of our state and nation. -Ezra Kanoho

He share many of my views and is a sincere person. -Michael Ching

He is a good, reliable progressive. –Oey Meesook

I agree with his philosophy, his support of the consumer and regular folks, his support of public Justice, his advocacy for education, his support of civil rights, his support of our men and women in uniform, his concern for the environment and advocacy for sustainability/clean energy, expanding Preservation areas, jobs, infrastructure and our national parks. He is thoughtful and makes considered judgments on everything including matters of foreign relations whether economic cooperation, human rights, climate change or military action. Great energy, smart, hard working, committed. We are lucky to have him. He is a star! -Judith Pavey

He has conducted himself in a manner befitting a U.S. Senator without being aloof to the concerns of his constituency. -Haywood Chang

Brian is truly a man with integrity and heart ~ and, very intelligent! And, the senator now has some seniority!! -Jean Kawachika

I respect his integrity. –Jack Wallace

Love progressive steps he’s taken for Hawaii. Getting things done! –Jessica Murphy

He fights for issues I believe in. –Sandra Wallace

Brian supports the issues that are very important to me, including local, national, and international arenas. –Edwyna Spiegel

His major interest is to protect the aina and people of Hawaii. –Karen Shishido

Brian is a solid leader that represents Hawaii well. –Jon Whittington

He cares about the people of our State and is an honest, thoughtful Senator who always takes the right side on issues that are important to our State, Country, and Planet. –Doug Mencoff

He smart and caring about Hawaii’s working people! –Sharon Soper

He represents everything I believe in. –Helena Stecher

His values are my values. –Liz C.

He is action oriented, reasonable and long range planning focused. –Lana Brodziak

He works for those of us in Hawaii. He stands and works for American beliefs and ideals. –Joyce Kite

He thinks of Hawaii’s people first. –Edna Alikpala

His strong stand to protect the environment. –James Hagen

His ongoing dedication to the people of Hawaii especially the youth. –Julie Dugan

His presence in the U. S. Senate and his active support of issues important to Hawaii and the Pacific have been impressive in the time he has been representing us there. –Jeanne Yagi

Honest and hard working. –Charles Bischoff

He is forward thinking, smart and knowledgeable. –Rai Saint Chu

Senator Brian Schatz is leadership in action. –Neenz Faleafine

Brian Schatz is a man of integrity who deeply cares about ALL the people, not just a select few. I am very proud to endorse him as he continues his crucial role in the Senate. –Dr. Joel Fischer

He has all of my best interests, and those of all of Hawaii, at heart. –Michele Jones

He has integrity and is an effective leader for Hawaii and the nation. –Amy Agbayani

He is one of the brightest lights in Washington at this time. He gives us hope to be represented by someone who is fair and displays reasonable thinking. –Ruth Smith

I trust his judgement on issues that I may not be well informed on and agree with him on those issues that I am. Trust. –Janel Medeiros

He puts his constituancy’s needs first. He lives up to his word. –Maria Fredricksen

He is representing the people of the State of Hawaii brilliantly as their United States Senator. –Isaac Mowoe

I believe he is a man of integrity who has Hawaii’s and the nations best interests at heart. –John O’Neill

Sen. Schatz is the Progressive we need in the Senate. He supports all the right legislation and tries to protect us from the worst Republican abuses. – Sandra Scarr

His very good efforts to serve us in Hawaii. – Irving Nishida

He behaves ethically and understands the dynamics of island life and the need to have all people work toward a better Hawaii. A better United States. I hope he is able to succeed. –Kim Weaver

He listens to the people he represents. –Jay Henderson

His dedication to listening to those he represents and then follows through with both community needs and state issues by keeping us informed. –Rosalie Gordon

Doing a good job representing Hawaii, and strong on the environment. – Richard Moss

His professionalism, sincerity, humility, passion and dedication to get things done as well was his ability in reaching out across party lines to address and resolve issues impacting Hawaii and USA. –Paul Alimbuyao

He has our back and I hope we all will have his! –Michael Golojuch Jr.

Sen. Brian Schatz is an outstanding leader and excellent Democrat. –Denise Chillingworth

He is investing the time to develop himself into a knowledgeable political leader, at a time when other politicians are focused on petty issues and the political showmanship that knowledgeable voters do not value. Respect is earned, and he keeps pushing forward to earn it. –William Payne

He’s a principled progressive who is willing to negotiate to make progress. –Will Best

He has worked tirelessly for the people of Hawaii during his tenure and has earned the respect if the individuals with whom he must work. –L.S. Truman

He is honest and I truly trust him and get his job done and fights for the betterment for the people of Hawaii. –Anita Manzano

He understands what is really important! –Steven Heller

He stands for the working people and the land. –Suzanne Scollon

He understands the importance of the environment, of Hawaii, and of strong relations between China and the US. He’s smart and hard-working! –Carol Fox

His values, as I know them, matches closely to mine. –Tia Pearson

Brian is bright, hard working and for the average citizen.  –Keola Akana

He is a hard worker for the people. – Sharron Franken

Rarely principled and consistent politician with a lot of aloha! –Tony

He works hard to push. the Progressive agenda to promote the welfare of Hawaii’ s people. –Rosita Aranita

Brian understand the urgency of dealing with climate change. He gets the importance of caring for the environment that gives us life.  –Jennie Peterson

He cares about things that matter to Hawaii. –Gail Marcus

Innovative, sound thinker, cares for people, loves our State of Hawaii, respectful, believes in compromise, a person of integrity, trustworthy. –David Cooper

He is a diligent advocate for progress and reform. –George Barbour

Senator Schatz works for the common good. -Ernest Blachowiak

Peter Ho told me to do it!!! -Bill Chee

Energy, commitment, values. -John Knox

Agreement on progressive issues and policy, especially environment and climate. -Vaughn Pascal Nelson

Over the years, have shared beliefs in many of the causes that Brian champions. -Jill Haworth

He’s always cared about his constituents. -Jordan O’Hearn

He represents everything I stand for…! -Edith

The best choice for Hawaii delegation. -David Darling

Senator Schatz is against the GMO Corporations that are killing our land and people. He supports healthcare for all, education and many other issues that are important to me…. -Sharon Leton

Working on issues I care about! -CJ Terry

I like his position on important issues such as promoting clean energy and strengthening the economy as well as protecting SS and Medicare -Deborah Taira

Hard worker. -Dr. Keola G.A. Downing, Ph.D.

I agree with all his positions. -Cheri Leeman

Brian has managed to live up to his promises and has not disappointed my expectations. -Christina Gaines

Feel his doing a good job for us… -Constante G Azares

Despite an otherwise gridlocked congress, Senator Schatz has shown effective progressive leadership in Washington D. C.. He has managed to provide for the people of Hawaii and help to lead out country towards a better tomorrow by working closely with his colleagues to find common ground on common sense legislation for our country. -State Representative Matthew S. LoPresti

Our priorities are the same. -Barb Morgan

An individual with principles, not apparently beholden to monied pressure groups. A Democrat party representative in Hawaii is assured of election/reelection without needing mainland financial support. -Kurt Ucko

From the time Brian first volunteered as a high school student to support my UH environmental projects, through the years he conducted his own community projects while working with me at UH, he has consistently shown his dedication to the progressive social and environmental values that make Hawai’i a very special place. -Bruce Justin Miller

He is doing a fantastic job representing the interests of most of us. -Jessie Weinberger

Environmentally aware….fellow supporter of president Obama from the get go. -Deborah Ombac

Senator Schatz stands with the small business owners in Hawaii. He also sees the need to change how our government in being ran and willing to help be apart of the change we need. -Berneicea “BEE” Worrell

Agree with his actions. -Clark Dodge

He cares about working families and the community we live in. -Michael Yuen

Progressive Senator who seeks opportunity for consensus across the aisle. Strong advocate for steps to avoid global warming. -Meg McGowan

He’s doing a great job, fighting for the causes I believe in , and working for the people of Hawaii -John Harter

He’s been on it on every important matter concerning and for Hawai’i in Washington, DC. -Bill Haole

He is working in Washington for Hawaii. -Leilani Clark

Senator Schatz is the embodiment of a true representative of the people and the issues we care about -Harold Schwartz

On the whole he has done well and he was by far the quickest to respond to my letter regarding prisons. And he is a good Punahou boy. -Peter Ehrhorn

He represents the way I see the ideas and experiences I have of my home in Hawaii. I am concerned with sustainability–water, energy and food–and I would like my children and grandchildren to be able to stay in their home town to make a living and live a life that matters. Thanks Senator Schatz for watching out for my interests. -JoAnn B. Freed

I believe in his values. -Shane Kincaid

Senator Schatz continues in the tradition of superb Senators from the State of Hawaii and he represents my issues and goals wonderfully. -Belinda Cole-Schwartz

I like what he stands for and I feel that he truly works for the people of Hawaii’s best welfare and truly listens to us. Thank You. I also find him to be very approachable. -Gladys Costa

I like what he stands for. -Kost Pankiwskyj

He is in agreement with me on many issues that are important, especially gmo issues, basic human rights, and pre-school education. -Lani Yamami

I agree with most of his policies and I also believe he is a sincere person who has a high degree of integrety. -Michael Tsuda

So far, he seems to be on the right side of issues!! -Susan N Mccoy

As I have known Senator Schatz for almost his entire life, I know that he is a man of honor and integrity. Also, in this day of partisan politics, Brian befriends both Democrats and Republicans, as he understands compromise is a virtue. A thoughtful individual, a man dedicated to his family, his state, his country, and with a strong moral code, based on his many years at Hebrew School, Temple Emanu-el, and his loving parents’ guidance—this is Senator Brian Schatz. -Dr. Carl Rogers Ackerman

He seems qualified and personable. -Linda Lee Evans

He has stood up and fought for for the issues I believe are important to support such as renewable energy, climate change, the middle class, no on the TPP, open internet, transparency in food labeling, among many others. -Gerald Klappert

Sen. Schatz is one of the more progressive and hard-working people in the Senate. He is especially conscientious in dealing with issues affecting the State of Hawaii. Also, as a Viet Nam Veteran, I appreciate his efforts on behalf of all Veterans. -Jeffrey W. Peterson

Sen. Schatz fights for the issues that I believe are important for the state of Hawaii and the nation! -Steven Oppenheimer

His policy positions and excellent constituent service. -Richard Aronson

I don’t always agree with the senator but when I ask him to explain his decisions, he’s always forthcoming with his explanations. I trust him. -Maryann Yoshimoto

I have known Sen. Schatz when he first began his career as an environmental community activist and continue to support him on environmental and climate change issues affecting our nation and planetary Earth. -Chuck Burrows

Brian is a courageous, intelligent and humble leader who will fight for social justice. We can count on Brian to do the right thing even when it may not be popular. -Nancy Budd

Senator Schatz will bring much to the future of Hawai’i, we are in it for the long haul and only the people will benefit with his experience. -Roth K. Puahala

He works for his constituents and the country very effectively. -Mary Huebner

Because he’s honest, approachable, down to earth, has GREAT staff, and opposes the TPP -Sally Kaye

Sen. Schatz has demonstrated great capabilities as a Senator and has accomplished many goals for the benefit of our State and Nation. -Robert Nehmad

He is fantastic. -Douglas Benner

Brian has been a strong supporter of liberal causes in Hawaii for many years. I have enjoyed working with him on some issues, and watching his progress as he has matured an gained strength and wisdom. -Durell Douthit

He cares and stands for the people. -Frederick Kennedy

Best progressive ideas -Roberto Freeman

Senator Schatz seems to have the same values we do and is interested in listening to and caring about the people who live in Hawaii. -Carol Carpenter

I have been following his work. -Sue Sakata

Does great for Hawaii. -Steven Canales

Because he has been an excellent Seanator for Hawaii in general and veterans in particular. He is responsi to constituents concerns. I think he has fulfilled his Senate Committee duties admirably. -Jennifer Lynch

My classmate, Martin Luna, now deceased, and his daughter, Kari Luna Nunokawa, of Maui, convinced me that I should support him when he first ran for election. I like his open-mindedness, his humbleness, his focus on keeping Hawai`i’s voters aware of issues that affect us in one way or another. -Roselind Barbara Bulatao Franklin


I have worked with him here at home on two long-term projects. I know first hand of his thoughtful approach to challenges and his desire to improve the quality of life for our residents. He has the unique combination of a long-range vision and the analytical skills and determination to meet his goals. He has proven results in Washington on issues that are important to Hawaii and to me personally. -Chrystn Eads


Sen Schatz is a dedicated, competent public Servant. We share his passion for inclusive democracy and environmental stewardship of our Islands and Country. -Arlynna Livingston

I am happy with the job he has done so far and approve of his positions. -Kurtis Bell

Shown support to issues important to me. -Anthony Snieder

Doing a great job and agrees with my views. -Laurie Leland

Brian supports the issues that are very important to me, including local, national, and international arenas. -Edwyna Spiegel

He’s a Democrat supporting progressive ideas, esp green energy for Hawaii -Margaret Serain

Opposes TTP, pro-environment, anti-GMO, hope he works to get Wall Street monies out of politics and reverses Citizens United. -Earl Kim

Strong on the things/issues that are important to me. -Ann R Sloat

He is the best man for the job! -William K. Akiona II

Senator Schatz is a coalition building progressive who gets things done. He is an effective legislator who puts governing above partisanship and is a fine example of how government can be done and done right. -Robert Flanders

I trust Brian to support Hawaii, uphold my values, and fight for what is right. -Jason D’Olier

Senator Schatz supports the interests of Hawaii from a very broad perspective and provides us with the best opportunity for long term representation in the Senate that will help build a better future for Hawaii’s youth for generations to come. -Christian Fern

Senator Schatz has done a good job representing the interests of all the people of this state. -Brian Goodyear

He is thoughtful, progressive Democratic Senator who works hard to represent Hawaii interests, working families, and solve environmental crisis. -Rev. George and Grace Lee

He truly cares about his constituents in Hawaii and is doing all that he can to represent the best interests of Hawaii and the USA. -ME Smith

Impressed with your strong record in the Senate and working across the aisle to get bipartisan support. I agree with all the stands you have taken. -Matayoshi, Mary

He never bad mouths people. -Gail Takaki

I believe he has done a good job in his short tenue. I look forward to a distinguished career representing Hawaii. -Harvey Ta Kodama

Forward-thinking; understands the value and promise of science; supports liberty, equality and fraternity. -Ralph Shohet, MD

He acts in the best interest of the people of Hawaii. -Mary K Flood

Share same views. Good job. Personally good friend. -Bob Crone

His values are inline with my own & I think he has done an excellent job as Senator representing Hawaii. -Marti Smith

He is a diligent advocate for progress and reform. -George P Barbour Jr

He supports all the policies I value. I feel like he represents me. -Jennifer Frank

He takes the time to learn an issue completely. He can work with both parties. He has integrity. -James R Langworthy MD

I believe he has been doing an excellent job of representing Hawaii’s residents in the Senate. He is sincere and works hard to do his job, and he keeps in touch with his constituents. -Gail Baron

Because he loves and cares for the people of Hawai’i Nei. -Lynda Barry

He’s been doing a great job for our state. Keep up the good work -Shiela Spruill

I like Brian’s progressive out look and actions -Margaret Joan Gannon

You are an effective politician advocating for things I believe in. -Lyle Bjork

Hawaii is turning to a new generation of political leadership. Brian Shatz, with his strong commitment to personal liberties, sustainable economic. -Paul Johnston

Brian stands for the same things I believe in. He acts in a responsible manner in serving the people of Hawai’i. -David A. Contreras

Shares my values and has the best interests of Hawaii foremost in what he does, and he is trying to save the ohia. -David Duffy

He shares my values. -Leonard Freed

Excellent representation of my priorities and expectations. Best wishes and good luck. -Bill Paynich
He is doling a great job —-he represents us well. -Barry L. Hai

I respect his thoughtful and energetic support for all the people of Hawaii specifically and of the United States in general. I agree with his political positions in most cases and believe he will do what is best for all of us and not just for a few. I also believe he will make decisions with a look to the future and not just the short term. His efforts to date in this regard have been appreciated. -Dan Gardner

I agree with almost all of his positions on issues. -Jonathan Boyne

Brian knows that what’s good for our environment is good for our natural resources-based economy. He made our state’s poorest district a priority after Tropical Storm Iselle, so I know I can trust him to represent all of Hawaii, not just the wealthiest class. -Springer

In the brief time Brian has been in the U. S. Senate, he has become a leader in issues affecting the environment including controlling human-caused climate change. Because he was sworn in before the rest of the Senate freshmen in 2012, he has seniority which will reward him (and us) with important leadership positions when Democrats regain control of the Senate. -Richard Michaels

I support Senator Schatz liberal progressive policies. -Gregory Mueller

His values are my values. -Liz C.

Senator Schatz is fulfilling the legacy of Dan Inouye and building on it. He has earned the respect of his fellow US Senators on both sides of the aisle and is now a national and international leader on technology and commerce. -John Radcliffe

I believe he supports: free higher Education; Infrastructure repairs and expansion; more diplomacy and fewer wars; a smaller but capable military; reduction of nuclear arms worldwide; term limits for the senate and house; voting rights; strict laws on gun ownership and safety. -Paul Piper

Breath of fresh air, works hard for Hawaii. -Richard Sommery-Gade

I think he’s doing a good job. -Janet Rae

He is liberal, very well qualified and has done a fine job in the Senate. -Frank Morrow

Because he has worked so hard and accomplished so much in the short time he has been in office. Seeing him downtown when he first ran for Senator I realized he really loves people and really does want to do something for us all. He has learned to work with both sides of the Senate and I hope he is re-elected. -John

He keeps in communication. -Rev. Jan youth

Sen. Schatz has been effective and involved in working for the needs of the State of Hawaii and also importantly for the good of the country as well. I appreciate that he takes the broad view as I think senators should. -Carole Iacovelli

Brian came into office from the Hawai’i grassroots; presents himself as a public servant and behaves like one. -Susan Miller

He is the one person I trust to make the right decisions in his capacity as our US Senator. He truly cares to serve Hawaii’s best interests and has the “smarts” , political astuteness, ” people know how” , and the energy & passion to make it all happen for us in Hawaii. Go Schatz! -Donna Hoshide

I like what he’s done during his term in office. -Joanne Swearingen

He’s done a good job. -James Moffitt

Brian ably represents Hawaii with a commitment, work ethic, grasp of policy, and identification with the interests of middle class and underserved Americans that already mark him as a leader in the U.S. Senate. As he gains experience, our state and our country stand to benefit increasingly from that leadership. -David Monk

Senator Schatz has, for the most part, fairly represented our values and concerns for both the nation and the state. -Warren Nelson

Because he has been listening to us , acting for us, debating for our interests. He has shown himself to use his intelligenc, his creative ability and his heart to access the problems he is presented with. -Daunna Yanoviak

Because he is a person who cares about Hawaii and acts on his caring. -Nancy S. Young
Sincerity, diligence. -Lloyd Nakahara

i think brian is effective, he also works hard,he is gracious even when the heat comes ,he stands up to be counted, he is well placed and respected in the Senate,lucky Hawaii! -Stanley Roehrig

He is doing a great job! -Suzanne Machbitz

He’s served the people of the State of Hawaii well in the Senate. -Timothy J. Hogan

He Advocates for Hawaii as well as all progressive democrats. -Jane Jamison


He has an exemplary progressive record. -Valerie Holland

Direct, simple, straightforward and to the point. I like his ideas and he’s easy to talk to. -Jeff Demma

He has intellectual curiosity which fuels a strong ethic for the truth, his values align with my own, and he is tirelessly and relentlessly aggressive in pursuing a progressive agenda that appears based only on what he feels is good for our community, at home and abroad. What’s not to like?? -Sharon Williams

Has done an outstanding job thus far for Hawaii as well as the entire U.S. -John R. Hinkle

I value your work and care for our island home, and thank you for your support. -Kepa Maly

He represents the best intetrsts of the people of Hawaii. -Lynda Gamblin

I do not know Mr. Schatz personally but he seems to be a down to earth, well rounded person, whom I feel I can trust to get things done. I feel he will work hard for Hawaii, and look at all views instead of his own agenda, I feel he will work for the people of Hawaii well. -Debbie (Chickie) Guillaume

Agree with his beliefs. Respect his positive progressive efforts. -Grace Sherwin

As a gay Việt Nam veteran, I support his restoration of benefits for homosexuals dishonorably discharged. He is focused on benefits for our state and the nation. -Wm. R. Brown, Jr., MD, MOH, FAAP

I have been following Sen. Schatz since he went to Washington. I believe that he truly has the will and wellbeing of his constituency as an underlying prime motivation for his political and legislative activities. -Dr. Joseph G. Morelli, Jr., DC

He shares most of my concerns and policy stances. -Debra Berg

Senator Schatz had done excellent n outstanding work since he b went to Congress. He has siren to have what it takes to be an excellent Senator fir Hawaii. -Gerald Suenishi

Senator Schatz stands for virtually everything I believe in respecting government’s role in society, and I agree with his positions on almost every issue. He represents the interests of all who call Hawaii home. -Kevin Casey

Brian was a.m personal friend before he became a U.S. Senator. I believe in his family values and his ideas to protect our environment . His support in small business and much more. -Sylvia Young

He seems to be bright & capable. He represents Hawaii well and the positions I think are good for Hawaii & the country. -Jackie Foil

His concern for the environment. -Narrissa Spies

Responsive to citizen concerns, works to get the job accomplished. -Jacqueline J Smith

I support his progressive agenda. I appreciate his hard work. I want him to increase Peace Corps funding. -Stan Golembeski


He has represented us and has responded when I had input. -Lawrence Ford


Because he has represented us well so far ! He is a person of integrity , vison and compassion. He works hard for Hawai and its citizens without trying to grab the headlines. -Dorothy Craven
His views and actions are for the people, not other interests. -Bobbie Best

Brian is a truly dedicated progressive whom I knew and worked with for years when he was in the Legislature in Hawaii and I lived there. -Douglas

Because he’s for Hawaii. -Rona Lieberman

Sen. Schatz has managed to become a respected member of the Senate in his short tenure. He’s sponsored legislation to aid Hawaii & shown a willingness to reach across the aisle to seek bipartisan support for it’s passage. He is thoughtful, well-spoken, hardworking, & keeps his constituency informed. -Diane Miller

Brian has consistently taken strong progressive stands on the issues that are important. Over the yesrs since he went to the Senate, I have contacted him on issues I have been concerned about. His responses have always been thoughtful, thorough and have reflected commitment to the people of Hawaii and the issues that are important to the well being of the Islands and the country. Loosing several very senior Senators in a short period of time was tough for Hawaii, however I feel that he hs stepped in to measure up well as a strong leader for Hawaii. Sincerely, Gail Breakey, Honolulu -Gail Breakey

His progressive and environmental stand. -Rick Camp

He is a hard-working Senator. I’ve watched him speak for the people of Hawaii and I saw him volunteering in Pahoa during the hurricane. -Les Oliveira

He is a great Leader that we can count. It in our State. -Henry Oandasan
Solid representative for Hawaii! -Paul Shinkawa

Because he stand for progressive values. -Charles Walworth

Brian is the people’s candidate. Not a shill for the Plutocrat 1%. He is an active participant in Congress working for the people. Not like others in office who use their position to feather their bed and puff up their egos. He is a treasure to Hawaii and the people of the United States. An impressive Legislator we can be proud of. -Michael Fowler

Senator Schatz is an energetic, hard working honest man doing a great job for Hawaii and the nation. -Milo d. Huempfner

We need Brian’s vision in the U.S. Senate. We need Brian’s leadership on issues such as the environment, social security, and education. We need Brian’s ability to work with his Senate colleagues and get things done. -Richard A. Desmond

He has been often the ONLY politician concerned with and supporting Puna District. -Carolan Cash
Great job. -Mary I. Piette

Senator Schatz has been doing a very good job. -Celeste Rogers

I like what he stands for. -Donald Romero

I agree with him on the issues. He is trusted and respected by good friend Bruce Miller. I believe in his goodness and family values. -Paula Mantel

Senator Schatz cares about our military families and the elderly on Social Security, as well as others. He goes out of his way to try to make sure our programs remain in place. -Ella Siroskey

He believes in what I believe in-a better life for all-living in peace and being free to life one’s live in equality and without bias or bigotry. -Beth Salling

Brian Schatz is an intelligent person who carefully researchs proposed legislation before he votes. He represents my concerns which include environmental protection, public health, and the preservation of Hawaiian people and culture. -Katie Thompson

We need his view and opinion on matters that effect Hawaii. -David H Mitchell

B/c of his humility, sincerity and he’s always looking out for the local working families n seniors.. total opposite of that Dingbat Trump! -Arlene Hashimoto

Smart, strategic and passionate in how he addresses concerns like the natural environment, social and economic justice. -Maeona (Mae) Mendelson

He is effective. -Pamela Palencia

He works for the people of Hawaii. -Alex Oshiro

I like his view of, and support of, women and their right to determine their own reproductive decisions. I am impressed with his thoughtfulness in choosing which programs to support for our country. I know that he is a Democrat, but I appreciate the fact that he makes thoughtful decisions in deciding which programs to endorse, even if not from his party. -Linda Nishim

Senator Schatz has the ability to convene, create synergies amongst colleagues to lead his constituency and the nation to a better place. Thank you for your leadership Brian. Hiki no! -Kikilia Ann Fordham
Sen. Brian Schatz is for the people of Hawaii and works for the good of all. He speaks up and is heard. -Beverly Larm


Sen. Schatz  has worked very hard for Hawaii. Brian has shown he is dedicated to do what it takes to help the people of Hawaii. He has proved to us that he is tough when it comes to passing legislation. His follow up has played in major part in his success. Sen. Schatz must stay in Washington . Hawaii will defiantly benefit. -Randy Hudnall
He deals directly with the important issues and has not engaged in the public name calling and finger point that seem to characterize many members of his fellow congress. -David Wilson

I trust him to do the right thing for the citizens of Hawaii. -Scott Robeson

He us doing a terrific job representing Hawaii. -Gary Kobayashi

He actually represents his constituents. -Patti Pinto

He is doing a great job. -Louis Erteschik

Brian has been a leader on all the issues that matter to the people of Hawai’i and represented our values—both in word, deed, and votes. -Evan Weber

He is an honest, dedicated person in this job. -Frances Dote

I think he is intelligent, sane, and I hope he will have the moral strength/courage/foresight of the Patsy Mink/Tom Gill models, as he matures into his job. I think he has the potential. -Linda Yuen

He possess the Aloha so desperately needed in Washington. -Charlotte Flanagan

Honest and hard working. -Charles Bischoff

He is a great senator. -James Maragos

He has not been infected by the disingenuous character so common to Washington. I do not think he ever will. -John Watterson


Listens to constituents, learns & understands all important issues, Honest, Humble, Not afraid to address the tough topics & find a reasonable solution or compromise. He represents the People of not only Hawaii, but of the whole nation. -Paul Kaleolani Smith

Stand on issues. The latest on the Ohia trees I really like. Not afraid to take a challenging position on issues & policies. -Nancy Wond

Good effective senator. -Robert E. Cole

He is a sincere, forward-looking young man with the ability to work with many different people/groups to get things done, and I hope he will be able to continue to do so for a long time. He has demonstrated his love for his home state and its people many times, and I am confident that he does his best for all of us. -Frances Murata

Agree with his positions and like his energy. -Jim Richardson

I support GMO labeling and the SHAKA group. I am counting on the Senator to fight Monsanto’s attempts to poison our children. -Gerald Johnson

Smart and able to work with anyone. -Lisa Itomura

Conscientious, smart, can count on him to represent my views, interests. -Gretchen Lee

I strongly believe in the progressive values that Sen. Schatz tries to put into action. He is doing an excellent job of moving important Congressional legislation forward despite many roadblocks. Thank you, Sen. Schatz! -Janet Pappas

Intelligent, progressive, connected to constituents, sincere, “Hawai`i first” attitude. -Nathan Kurosawa

Experience! -David Bohn

He’s attuned to and in touch with his constituents and works diligently and smartly on their behalf all the time. Hana hou, Brian! -Bob Williams (Lt Col R.N. Willams, USA, ret.)

Brian Schatz is excellent in every way! I trust him! -Kristin B

Never forgets his roots; responsive; dedicated: committed to working with ALL members of the Senate for the good of Hawai’i. -Pat Hunter-Williams

He has worked very hard to improve the environment and is creative in solving helpful issues . -Joanne Nakashima

His action demonstrates that he cares for and supports the seniors. -Ruth Walker

I trust him to continue doing the job he’s sworn to do. He’s one of the cleanest people in politics. He’s for the people of Hawaii; his hands aren’t greased with kickbacks and hidden agendas that serve to benefit him alone or feed his own ego. So who else is there to do the job better than Sen. Brian Schatz? No one. And that’s the truth. -Raul Sanchez

Has done a really good job! -Sandra Salisbury

He’s awesome! -Martin Abel

We need his age and abilities to represent our interests and needs in Washington. By earning a full term in the USSenate, Schatz can more forward in seniority and continue working for Hawai’i. -Prof Willis H A Moore

He’s not only working for Hawaii, he’s working for causes I support wherever I am in the US. Thank you Brian for showing the Congress how to get things done! -Patricia

I believe he is sincere and honest! -Trudy Azeka

I’ve never seen a more energetic, dedicated and caring senator! My son Kyle worked as his DC intern last semester and would tell me about all the great things the senator and his office did. I’m really happy the senator is working for Hawaii. Enthusiastic endorsement. We are lucky to have Senator Schatz and want him back for another term! -Kristina Anderson

Senator Schatz and his staff utilizes social media as a means of getting the information out to the people of Hawaii.  -Rick Ornellas