U.S. Senator Brian Schatz

Messages for your neighbors across Hawai‘i

Clean Energy

Hawai‘i news media call him our ‘ambassador of energy’
Senator Brian Schatz led Hawai‘i’s Clean Energy Initiative.
Which nearly doubled the amount of clean, renewable, home-grown energy we use here in Hawai‘i.
Now, in the U.S. Senate, he’s keeping up the fight for energy independence.
As the Chair of the Water and Power subcommittee, Senator Schatz is driving efforts to promote development of clean energy.
Creating Hawai‘i jobs and making Hawai‘i more sustainable — for this generation, and the next.

As chair of the U.S. Senate Water and Power subcommittee, Schatz is leading efforts to promote the development of clean energy, which will make Hawai‘i more self-sufficient and sustainable. [KITV, 3/02/14; Star Advertiser, 2/14/13; Star Advertiser, 5/13/14]

One news outlet labeled Schatz Hawai‘i’s, quote, “Ambassador of Energy,” thanks to his leadership of the Hawai‘i Clean Energy Initiative, which brought together the federal and state governments, with the business community, to nearly double the amount of clean energy used in Hawai‘i. [Civil Beat, 3/20/12; HECO IRP 2014-2033, revised 8/01/13; Archived Lt. Gov Website, 12/12/12]


Retirement Security

Like many Hawai‘i families, Senator Schatz’s home has three generations living under one roof. He knows that nothing is more important than honoring our commitments to our parents’ generation, which is why he has fought to protect Social Security and Medicare.

In the Senate, Schatz sponsored legislation to increase Social Security benefits while requiring the wealthy to pay the same rate into Social Security as the rest of us. [S.567, 7/15/13; Star Advertiser, 8/09/13; KHON, 8/08/13]


Common-Sense Gun Safety Legisation

Senator Schatz is a strong supporter of sensible gun safety laws. In the Senate, Schatz voted to ban assault weapons, close the gun-show loophole, increase background checks, and ban high capacity magazines. [Star Advertiser, 9/17/13; KHON, 9/17/13; VOTES: S.649, S.AMDT 711 , Vote#101, 4/18/13; S.649, S.AMDT 714, Vote#103, 4/18/13; S.649, SAMDT 715, Vote #97, 4/18/13]


Pay Equity

In both the state legislature and the U.S. Senate, Schatz sponsored Women’s Pay Equity bills that ensure women get paid the same as men for doing the same work. [S.84, 9/11/13; HB1305, introduced 1/27/05]